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The Year of Karla María And Sorel Boots

The Medina2014

I didn’t write a Best Seller Novel nor did I run the New York City Marathon.

I didn’t get engaged (for the third time), married (for the second time), or pregnant (phew!!).

I didn’t find prince charming because he only lives in the Cinderella Story (really!)… I mostly kissed frogs… Frogs with good taste in food and women nonetheless.

2014 was a year of Excess:

-Lots of loss.

-Lots of work.

-Lots of tears.

-Lots of fun.

-Lots of family.

-Lots of friends.

-Lots of food.

-Lots of travel.

-And shoes, lots of shoes (of course!)…

Sorel Pop Up Store

2014 was a marathon of First Dates (sometimes three in one day!), sponsored by thank you very much.

The year in which I realized for the very first time how underestimated single women are, even amongst their peers!

The year I went from a serial monogamist to a serial dater (according to one source… or two).

But most importantly 2014 was a year of self assurance and a newly found confidence… Can’t remember the last time I felt this powerful!!


My Joans!

Rebecca Minkoff Booties and The Good Times



The first time I saw Jamie Chung wearing this Rebecca Minkoff Booties I just knew they had to be mine too, and they became part of my collection last summer when they went on sale! Yaaay! 

They bring me so many happy memories like the time I went to a Karaoke bar with my favorite friends in the city. People sometimes wonder why I hold on to shoes? -and in my case to so many!-… I explain to them that they are like my partners in crime. They make me remember the good times we have lived together and that is why I hold on to them so dearly… I can’t wait for the winter to be over so my Minkoffs and I can start living new experiences, memorable ones!!!


Rebecca Minkoff Booties

La primera vez que vi a Jamie Chung usando estos Botines Rebecca Minkoff supe que tenían que ser míos también.  Se convirtieron en parte de mi colección el verano pasado, cuando los pusieron en rebaja! Yaaay! 


Me traen tantos recuerdos felices, como la vez que fui Karaoke con mis amigos favoritos en NYC. La gente a veces se pregunta por qué nos aferramos a los zapatos, y en mi caso, a los muchos zapatos que tengo. Les explico que son como mis cómplices, me hacen recordar los buenos momentos que hemos vivido juntos y por eso me aferro a ellos tanto. Es por eso que me urge que se termine el invierno para que empecemos a vivir nuevas experiencias juntos, memorables!!!

Diesel Jeans… and about taking Risks

The other day I came across this:

“If you wait to do everything until you are sure it’s absolutely right, you probably will never do anything”… It really nudge the gray matter up there… For instance my parents weren’t sure about having another child, as a matter of fact my mom cried a little when she found out she was pregnant with me, she was only 22 and already had two kids! Today I’m grateful things played out the way they did as she has become my best friend.

I am not always 100% really sure about all the things I do, but I do them anyway. They haven’t  always been the “right/best thing” when I think back on them but I’m sure grateful that I have experienced them, for I can tell you invaluable lessons from each one of them. Lessons that have made me aspire to become a better person.

So even though I wasn’t sure about taking this picture I did it anyway and I think the result was pretty cool. I wanted to convey the meaning of the Diesel brand. To me it means taking risks and to be strong enough to become yourself… and to embrace it!!

Diesel Jeans #skinzee

El otro día me encontré con esto:

” Si esperas a hacer todo hasta que estés seguro de que es correcto, es probable que nunca harás nada ” … Este pensamiento realmente me sacudió la materia gris… Por ejemplo mis papás no estaban seguros de tener otro hijo, de hecho mi mamá lloró un poquito cuando se enteró de que estaba embarazada de mí, pues a sus 22 años ya tenía dos hijos! Hoy agradezco de que las cosas se dieron de la manera que lo hicieron, pues ella se ha convertido en mi mejor amiga.

No siempre estoy 100% segura de todas las cosas que hago por ejemplo, pero las hago de cualquier manera. No siempre han sido “lo correcto o lo mejor ” cuando pienso en ellas, pero en verdad estoy muy agradecida de haberlas experimentado porque te puedo decir invariable lecciones de cada una de ellas. Lecciones que me han hecho aspirar a convertirme en una mejor persona.

Así que, aunque no estaba segura acerca de tomar esta foto, lo hice de todos modos  y creo que el resultado fue tremendo. Buscaba transmitir  lo que significa la marca Diesel. Para mi significa tomar riesgos y ser lo suficientemente fuerte para convertirte en ti misma… y regocijarte! 

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