Shoe Signature


“When Karlita was just a little thing she learned how to put on her shoes. I used to put her shoes in front of her, placing the right shoe on the left side and the left shoe on the right side, and then would ask her to put them on.  She would look at the shoes for a moment, switch them and then put them on… no  matter how much we tried to make her put the shoes backwards, like most kids, she never did, we could never fool her…”  -Mami Lupita (Grandma).

For as long as I can remember shoes have been a very important part of my life… even when I was not allowed to get more than two pairs a year. My parents suffered when they took me shoe shopping because, without a doubt; I would pick the most eccentric pair in the store… and I would paired them with the most eccentric clothes I could come up with. Over time I became a model and started learning about fashion, then started to apply its tendencies to my closet. My look morphed from eccentric to unique… Authentic. My wardrobe was, and still is, my laboratory, and my shoes became the essence of my style… As long as I have the perfect pair of shoes I can always find something to wear them with!

-Karla Maria Gonzalez


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