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The Year of Karla María And Sorel Boots

The Medina2014

I didn’t write a Best Seller Novel nor did I run the New York City Marathon.

I didn’t get engaged (for the third time), married (for the second time), or pregnant (phew!!).

I didn’t find prince charming because he only lives in the Cinderella Story (really!)… I mostly kissed frogs… Frogs with good taste in food and women nonetheless.

2014 was a year of Excess:

-Lots of loss.

-Lots of work.

-Lots of tears.

-Lots of fun.

-Lots of family.

-Lots of friends.

-Lots of food.

-Lots of travel.

-And shoes, lots of shoes (of course!)…

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2014 was a marathon of First Dates (sometimes three in one day!), sponsored by thank you very much.

The year in which I realized for the very first time how underestimated single women are, even amongst their peers!

The year I went from a serial monogamist to a serial dater (according to one source… or two).

But most importantly 2014 was a year of self assurance and a newly found confidence… Can’t remember the last time I felt this powerful!!


My Joans!


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